Our LUBI® collectors on a luxury condo tower

The new O’Cartier building located at the foot of Rivières des Prairies incorporated LUBI® collectors. This modern and state of the art construction has environment written all over it. Several measures were realised, like rainwater recovery, charging station for electrical vehicles and especially solar LUBI® collectors to decrease the heating needs. Aéronergie was chosen for its expertise to integrate energy efficiency to the global project.

Thus around 1,400 square foo of collectors were installed on a very high (147’) and narrow wall. Aéronergie faced the challenge and met the client’s expectations.
Offering various services and amenities, like subway access, heated swimming pool, indoor gymnasium and large windows for natural light, it is located in Laval, near Viau Bridge, this residential building offers a panoramic view of Montreal’s peninsula. Moreover, the building stands out for its height and the size of its terraces.

August 14th 2017 | Back to news