Two air curtains again for Structures GB Ltd

On October 10th 2017, Aéronergie installed two air curtains for Structures GB Ltd

Founded in 1978 in Rimouski (Canada), Structures GB Ltd combined rigor, flexibility, experience and innovation to establish its reputation in North-America and internationally. With its 155 employees, Structures GB Ltd designs, produces and installs conventional and specialized steel structures, especially for mining, metals, oil and pulp and paper sectors.

After installing 16 ft. x 16 ft. air curtain in 2016, Structures GB Ltd wanted to add two other in its factory. The 2 smaller air curtains were installed in 2017 also for reducing thermal losses. The curtains are located on doors that open more than 10 hours per day. To meet the client’s needs, electric coils have been added to the air curtains. Thanks to the curtains, the concerned zones do not need heat system. Propane gas consumption and heat cost for the factory were reduced while avoiding GHG emissions.
Satisfied with our products and services, Structures GB Ltd already considers ordering new energy efficiency measures from Aéronergie. Thus, Aéronergie‘s expertise is knowned and appreciated in Rimouski.

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