Energy efficiency
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The 3R principle: reduce, recover, replace

A measure of energy efficiency is profitable if every step is considered properly. In each of our projects, we apply the 3R principle to guarantee the most affordable energy savings.

Reduce: the least expensive energy is the one you do not consume

The reduction of the energy consumed is the basis of cost effective measures in energy efficiency. It implies implementing basics measures; preventive maintenance, proper equipment, decreasing air flow tanks with variable frequency drive or changing work methods. Aéronergie guides its clients and recommends several alternatives for an optimum energy efficiency

The solution :

  • Identify higher energy consuming equipment
  • Evaluate reduction potential
  • Optimise ventilation systems
  • Identify different energy sources available
  • Suggest measures of energy efficiency

Recover: heat exchangers, air curtains, heat lost recuperation

Efficiency starts by defining and identifying needs and heat loss with what we call an energy balance sheet. The next step, consist of propositions and financial payback evaluation on the different potential projects.

Ventilation needs evaluation according to several criteria: surface (square footage), type of activity, type of products, health and security regulation and employees well being.


The solutions :

  • Heat exchangers
  • Air curtains
  • Recuperation of rejected heat

Grant application when applicable :

  • Transition Énergétique Québec, a provincial organism previously called BEIE (The program was called “Ecoperformance”)
  • Gaz Métro Quebec (The grant program is called “Implantation” and another program called “préchauffage solaire de l’air” air preheat solar program.
  • Hydro-Quebec’s prescriptive measures of energy efficiency “prescriptive measures”

Replace: renewable energy

Once the energy demand is reduced and the existing energy optimized (recovered), renewable energies are then considered. These energies, especially solar energy, compensate losses from traditional energies. It is precisely at this stage that our solar collectors are most useful.

The solution :

  • Solar thermal collectors
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