Heat exchangers
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Use your energy to its full potential

Heat exchangers are used to create a thermal exchange between exhausted stale air and incoming clean/fresh air, without any contact between the 2 air flows avoiding risks of contamination. In summary, the incoming air is preheated or cooled by the exhausted air without any cross between the 2 air flows thanks to a waterproof core.

The new preheated fresh air can be used for heating the building or for industrial process that requires heating like an oven in a bakery or in a printing company.

As heating buildings and processes generate costs and GHG emissions, using the energy at its full potential is a significant advantage.

Characteristics of an heat exchanger

  • We can blend the color to match your exterior cladding or walls.
  • Recovery of a minimum 55% (stainless steel) to 70% (aluminum) of the energy exchange
  • Recovery can even reach 100%
  • GHG emissions reduced proportionally to energy consumption reduction
  • Production costs considerably decreased
  • Excellent short term payback

Realisations of heat exchangers