Specialist in energy savings

Aéronergie is a manufacturing company that produce heat recovery systems (heat exchanger), solar air heating collectors, air curtains and other products producing energy savings. Its mission is to reduce the energy bill and GHG emissions of its clients by air treatment. Along with its mission, Aéronergie supports its clients at every step of the project, from the initial contact to the last service call.

By meeting specific and specialized needs of our various customers, Aéronergie has developed a unique expertise in the air treatment sector that makes it a leader in its field.

Aéronergie’s unique expertise

  • Solar (air pre-heating and lighting)
  • Heat recovery (Heat Exchangers, air curtains, recovery of heat rejects in process)
  • Optimisation of dust collector systems
  • Grants application
  • General air treatment

Life cycle of a project

Aéronergie is a one-stop shop for all your air treatment projects. The company takes charge of the design, manufacturing and installation for all equipment related to the project. Aéronergie even offers to manage grants application and the energy consumption after project monitoring.


Our team works directly on site to better understand the specific needs of each client. Then, with the knowledge of the total energy spent for heating and process, we recommend the most appropriated energy saving measures.

Once the project is approved by our client, we go forth with the entire management of the project. At the completion of the project, a monitoring is carried out by our team of engineers in order to measure the energy savings.